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Jennifer Strickland's mission is to realign women and girls with their identity, worth and purpose. Drawing from her experiences as a former professional model, Jennifer inspires others to measure their beauty and value by more than what meets the eye.

As a speaker to girls and women as well as boys and men, Jennifer opens up about her painful experiences as a young fashion model in order to shed light on how the world often devalues women's worth. Further, she encourages men to use their voice, strength, and power to help restore the real beauty and value of women.

Through her powerful events and life-changing resources, Jennifer uses her voice to offer hope and healing to those suffering from poor self-image, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, depression, promiscuity, sexual abuse, and broken hearts that come in a kaleidoscope of patterns. In all of her speaking and writing, Jennifer candidly shares her personal transformation, inviting her listeners to experience their own. Whether she is speaking in public or private junior and senior high schools, colleges, community events, churches, retreat centers, or media venues, her messages cross generational, cultural, and gender lines. Her book, Girl Perfect, its companion Study Guide, and DVD teaching, "Men, Mirrors, and Magazines," are making waves in the hearts of people around the world.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • The Sound of Silence

    Do you love the sound of silence?  I do.  I adore moments of eclipse, when life slows, and it feels like someone has hit the pause button. This week, our family is celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary and the baptism of our first two children, Olivia (12) and Zach (11).  With an Easter Egg Hunt our little […]

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  • Merry Christmas!

    It’s been a beautiful year of ministry.  We’ve had many laughs, seen many tears, and witnessed many lives changed by Christ.  Today, we celebrate HIM!  Merry Christmas!

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  • Our Gifts (Part 2)

    My husband and I come from families who are big gift-givers. As children we both have cherished memories of mornings filled with presents. So with our own family we take special care to make Christmas meaningful and fun so our kids will appreciate the joy of giving. Giving is something we do every day. Friendships, […]

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